Why is it important to
Step Up and Support Local?

Less money leaves the community: 45 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the local economy vs. 14 cents spent at large chains.

The money that stays cycles: This creates tax revenue to fund healthcare, education, safer communities, streets and sidewalks.

Local businesses pay it forward: Not only are local businesses more likely to support other local businesses, they also contribute 2.5 times more to local initiatives and non-profits than non-local owners.

Better service: Local businesses, including B2B, professional services and retail, are more in tune with the local landscape and the needs of community members.

Enrich your community: Small businesses add character, texture and personality to communities which in turn boosts property values for local homeowners.

Donating small makes a big impact: Local, small non-profits generally have lower overhead costs than large national or global organizations – and when you give locally, you can see the impact of your gift right in your community.

Create jobs: Small business employs the largest workforce base in the country, employing 70% of all Canadians.

Local businesses care more: Local businesses are more eager to reflect their communities’ values, needs and feedback than are big chains.