Why is it important to
Step Up and Support Local?

  • Less money leaves the community.

    45 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the local economy vs. 14 cents spent at large chains.

  • The money that stays cycles.

    This creates tax revenue to fund healthcare, education, safer communities, streets and sidewalks.

  • Local businesses pay it forward.

    Not only are local businesses more likely to support other local businesses, they also contribute 2.5 times more to local initiatives and non-profits than non-local owners.

  • Better service.

    Local businesses, including B2B, professional services and retail, are more in tune with the local landscape and the needs of community members.

  • Enrich your community.

    Small businesses add character, texture and personality to communities which in turn boosts property values for local homeowners.

  • Donating small makes a big impact.

    Local, small non-profits generally have lower overhead costs than large national or global organizations – and when you give locally, you can see the impact of your gift right in your community.

  • Create jobs.

    Small business employs the largest workforce base in the country, employing 70% of all Canadians. 

  • Local businesses care more.

    Local businesses are more eager to reflect their communities’ values, needs and feedback than are big chains.

In this increasingly homogenized world, indie businesses give communities texture, colour, shape, taste and social capital. The very fabric of our country is woven together by the personalities, innovation and entrepreneurship of small business – which comprises 99.8% of all businesses and represents the largest employee base in Canada.

Phil Otto, Revolve CEO

About Revolve.

We’re a Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada based branding and marketing firm that loves and supports small business. Step Up for Local is driven by our vision statement: to be a significant contributor to the prosperity of communities across Canada through the brands we help steward.